Message from the President:

July 24, 2020




Thank you for participating in this year’s Board Elections!

Let’s welcome our newly elected and appointed members!


By Membership Vote:


Amanda Halvorson (Amador County)

CASCI Executive Board Member-At-Large


Fatima Villasenor (Stanislaus County)

CASCI Executive Board Member-At-Large


By Executive Board Appointment:


Lezlie Abbott (Kings County)

CASCI Legislative Committee Chair


Anna Moradian (Madera County)

CASCI Region III Representative

May 7, 2020

Dear CASCI Members,


The CASCI Board is proud to announce that Constance Catlapp is this year’s recipient of the 2020 Golden Quill Award.  Constance was nominated for the Golden Quill Award prior to her passing on February 19, 2020.  With this Award we are honoring Constance’s legacy and contributions to CASCI post-mortem, something that has never been done before in the history of CASCI.  Because Constance is not survived by immediate family members, we are presenting her Golden Quill Award to her manager, Denise Esquivel, on behalf of Constance’s Orange County Superior Court family.  They look forward to displaying Constance’s Golden Quill Award in their Courthouse in honor of her memory.


The following is the submission received by the CASCI Board nominating Constance for the Golden Quill Award by Orange County Superior Court Probate Manager Denise Esquivel:

“Constance Catlapp has over 45 years of professional service working in the public sector and over 30 years as an agent and/or representative of the judicial system. She began her career in 1972 working in the mental health field, assessing recovering addicts. Constance remained in this field for ten years until she transitioned to the position of Deputy Public Guardian for the Public Guardian’s Office in the County of Orange. In her role as Deputy Public Guardian, she investigated and administered Probate and LPS conservatorships. Her work as a Deputy Public Guardian would prove essential as she later transitioned to Probate Court Investigator for the Superior Court in Orange County in 2006, where she continues to serve in that role.

Constance is known as a “walking Probate book” by her unit for her tremendous wealth of knowledge, extensive Probate experience, and tenacity for knowledge in her field. She evokes a passion for the population served and goes above and beyond to ensure her investigations are thorough and accurately reflect all statutory requirements. She has been an active member of CASCI throughout her tenure as a Court Investigator, always emanating a collaborative spirit in the sharing of ideas and knowledge on emerging Probate issues throughout different counties. She has contributed her personal time and expertise throughout the years. Most recently, she has been essential to the planning, execution and collaborating as liaison for the CASCI conference. When CASCI members hear the name “Constance,” you can be sure she is recognized not only for her impressive Probate experience and quirky sense of humor, but also her dedication and feverous spirit for the work we all do as Probate Court Investigators.


It is with deep joy and enthusiasm that I respectfully nominate Constance Catlapp, Probate Court Investigator from the Superior Court in Orange County, for the prestigious Golden Quill Award. Constance has dedicated her professional career to ensure quality treatment for those seeking judicial remedy in Probate matters. Her ability to disseminate and provide input on legislative issues that impact our work continues. Lastly, Constance’s colorful personality and passion for the work she does imprints a lasting impression on all those lucky enough to know and work with her.”      


May 7, 2020

Dear CASCI Members,

We hope this message reaches you in good health. Thank you to all members who have submitted their 2020 annual membership dues! Given these unprecedented times and our inability to conduct this year’s Board Elections in person, the CASCI Board is creating an online process to conduct Board nominations and be able to vote electronically.  All active members will have online access to nominate (self-nominations are welcomed), vote, and potentially serve on the Executive Board.  You must be an active member to participate in Board Elections and to serve on the CASCI Executive Board. To that end, the deadline to submit annual membership dues has been extended until June 15, 2020. Please check with your individual Courts to confirm your 2020 CASCI Membership Dues have been paid to ensure your participation. This year’s Board Elections are scheduled to begin at the end of June.  Details will be sent out directly to all active members at that time.

March 18, 2020

Dear CASCI Members,

With further developments in the outbreak of covid19, the CASCI Executive Board members have unanimously decided to cancel the 2020 CASCI Conference scheduled to take place next month in Contra Costa County.  In accordance with the guidance of public health authorities, Bay Area counties have issued orders directing all businesses and governmental agencies to cease non-essential operations and prohibiting all non-essential travel and gatherings.  Given this situation, it is not feasible to host our annual conference as planned.

Full refunds of the conference registration fees will be issued.  We’ll be contacting your local Court’s finance departments to properly process each refund.  For members who paid their conference registration fees with a personal check, our CASCI Treasurer will be contacting you directly to process your refunds.

The Board is exploring the possibility of conducting our annual membership business meeting on line to make remote participation in this year’s Board elections available.  The Board has also been in contact with the AOC to inquire about potential training requirement deferments for this year.  We’ll provide updates and information as soon as they become available. 

There is no question that these are extraordinary times, and it calls on all of us to be flexible and support each other with great care. Our actions have a direct impact on our ability to end this pandemic.   

Stay healthy and safe,

Sandra M. Webb

CASCI President